Bankruptcy – Get the Facts

Are you being harassed by creditors? Fearing foreclosure on your home? Looking on helplessly as your car is repossessed and your hard-earned wages are garnished?  None of this has to happen!

Welcome to your FRESH START!!  Federal bankruptcy laws were enacted to protect you and help you recover financially.  When you have mountains of unpaid debt, financial woes, and possibly bill collector harassment, every day is the same old, bad news. Instead, you could wake up every day and feel good knowing your financial worries are behind you. The phone will no longer be an instrument of torture. The mountain of bills that you keep avoiding  will be a memory. This joyous picture is not just a daydream. It’s a very real possibility – with a little help, guidance and encouragement from attorney Justin C. Walker.

I represent clients in the greater Cincinnati area. Our clients are treated with courtesy and respect.  We are available to answer your questions by telephone and/or email and will respond to all client questions within one business day.

“The best thing I hear from clients is that they leave our office feeling better knowing their financial situation is not hopeless and their problems can be solved.” — Attorney Justin C. Walker

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Consumer bankruptcy: In these trying economic times, many individuals and families are finding themselves overwhelmed by credit card bills, mortgage payments and other outstanding debts. If you are facing foreclosure or creditor harassment, call us. We carefully explain your debt relief options, answer your questions and help to determine if Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the right choice for making a fresh financial start.

We will walk you through the Bankruptcy process, answer all of your questions, and help you determine if bankruptcy if the right option for you.   We will  help you determine the best strategy to reduce your debts. The lawyers at Walker and Turner, Ltd. are here to help.