Bankruptcy Timeline

Cincinnati Bankruptcy Timeline

Cincinnati  Attorneys Helping Clients Understand the Bankruptcy Timeline

Debt can be discharged more quickly than you think. At Walker & Turner, Ltd., our Cincinnati attorneys are experienced in helping people through the bankruptcy process. From stopping creditor calls and eliminating your debt to rebuilding your credit after filing, we are here for you.

The first step in bankruptcy is to call a knowledgeable attorney. Send us an email or call 513-232-5888 for a free consultation. We can help you decide if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is right for you.

Legal Assistance Prior to Filing

Once you have retained an attorney from Walker & Turner, Ltd, we stay by your side throughout the entire process. We collect all the necessary financial documents from you and assist you in setting up the court-required consumer credit counseling course. This class can be done from home, either online or over the phone.  While you are completing the class, we are gathering information, drafting your documents and preparing you to file. We review all of your documents with you, answer any questions you have and file your case with the court.

Immediate Protection Once Bankruptcy Is Filed

In most cases, an automatic stay is immediately imposed once you file for bankruptcy. This stay stops most court proceedings, prevents collection activities and temporarily, or permanently in some cases, halts foreclosures. Within 30 to 60 days of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, debtors are required to meet with their trustee, the court-appointed officer who oversees the process. This meeting consists of:

  • Chapter 7 Meeting of Creditors: The trustee reviews all schedules to make sure disclosures are proper and no fraud is involved, and determines if there are any assets to be liquidated to pay creditors.  The majority of Chapter 7 cases are no asset and people keep all of their property.
  • Chapter 13 Meeting of Creditors: The trustee reviews all schedules as well as your payment plan. Based on the result of the meeting, he or she will make a recommendation to the court as to whether the plan should be confirmed.

Our attorneys also help you prepare to take a personal financial management class. This personal financial management class can be done from home for Chapter 7 and done at the trustee’s office for Chapter 13.

After the second class is completed, Chapter 7 filers wait for their discharge to be granted. This usually occurs about 60 days after the Meeting of Creditors is conducted. Chapter 13 filers receive a court date for a confirmation hearing, which we attend for them. Our lawyers work diligently to eliminate any issues, make plan modifications and get the plan confirmed (approved).

Completing the Process

At the end of each case a discharge is granted, making debt relief permanent. A Chapter 13 case can take three to five years to reach the discharge date. We remain by your side years after your debt has been eliminated to help you rebuild credit and answer any questions you have.

Call 513-232-5888 for a free consultation. We have a convenient location and convenient hours to better serve you in Cincinnati.