Privacy Policy

The Firm is deeply committed to the protection of your privacy, and we promise to treat any information you provide to us, through our website or otherwise, including any information you provide during registration, with complete respect. The Firm will take every measure to prevent the misuse of your personal information and also to prevent the loss or destruction of the information you have provided to us. The Firm will never provide or sell your information to any third parties, unless it coincides with this “Privacy Policy”.

The Collection of Information

1. The Firm’s website will collect information about visitors, even if visitors never log in. The Firm may keep records of important components such as the visitor’s IP address, the URLs of any websites visited before and after the visit to The Firm’s website, the times and dates of any visits, information about the computer’s software and hardware used for the visit, as well as any other information that we may collect from visitors to the site. In addition, The Firm’s website may place ‘cookies’ on your computer so that it can be recognized upon the next visit to the website. It is possible to adjust your Internet browser’s settings in order to avoid any cookies from being placed on your computer, but if you do so it is possible that you will reduce the functionality of The Firm’s website and you may hinder your browsing experience.

2. The Firm may ask you to provide additional information about yourself, which includes your name, contact information, your employer or business name, and any other information The Firm may use to identify who you are. If you do not want to provide any additional information, you may not be able to access certain website features, content or services that our Firm provides.

How Our Firm Uses Information

1. The Firm will only use the information collected from you to improve your website browsing experience and to tailor the website to fit your exact needs, and any additional information will help The Firm collect additional content and services that we may use solely or in couple with information that The Firm has collected from other website users to assist The Firm with tailoring our website, products and services so that we may better suit your needs and interests, as well as those of every visitor to the site.

2. When you provide information to The Firm, that information may be used to update you regarding certain events, products and services that you may find interesting. The Firm may also contact you with information that originates from third parties that have been carefully screened. However, The Firm will never provide your information to any third parties for this purpose. In some cases, your information may be shared with third parties in order to pursue a process that requires such sharing, but we will always get your permission beforehand.

3. The Firm reserves the right to disclose information that The Firm obtains through its website in order to fulfill various government or regulatory orders, if it is mandated by any laws or government agencies.

The Transfer of Information

There may be times when The Firm may disclose your information to select services that The Firm may engage in to host The Firm’s website or to facilitate other services. The Firm requires that these services only use the information we provide to them, and only for the intended purposes, and otherwise these providers must conform to all the requirements listed in this ‘privacy policy’. The Firm will not disclose or sell information that we collect from you to third parties except as allowed by this privacy policy.

Additional Services

There may be times when The Firm offers additional services by way of our website. There may also be times when these services may be subject to alternative terms of use. Such terms will be identified by The Firm. When you use such services, it will serve as your agreement of these alternative terms of usage. Unless we state otherwise, these alternative terms will supplement this Privacy Policy and in the case of conflicting terms, the Privacy Policy will rule with regards to The Firm’s website and the content and services we provide, except for services that we have already covered in this privacy policy, and only then to the extent that these terms have been covered, by alternative terms.

Information Sent Through the Website

Information that you send to us through The Firm’s website, or through email, should never be considered secure and is provided on a basis of non-confidentiality. When you send information to The Firm through the Internet, you are doing so with the understanding that there are risks involved.

Sending Information to The Firm

When you send information to The Firm by way of The Firm’s website, it does not imply an attorney/client relationship between you and The Firm, or is the website intended to be used in that manner. When you transmit information through The Firm’s website, or through email, it does in no way create an attorney/client relationship between us and any other parties.